Sunday, January 25, 2015

Zumba Exercise

Zumba is a dance exercise routine similar to aerobics.  It was first started in the 1990s by Alberto “Beto” Perez , a Colombian dancer and choreographer.   Zumba® is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC. It incorporates moves from various other dances such as samba, salsa and hip hop. Zumba is a fun way to get fit with high energy music and dance beat.
Zumba® classes are typically about an hour long and are taught by instructors licensed by Zumba Fitness, LLC. The exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training. The music comes from the following dance styles: cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, cha-cha-cha, reggaeton, soca , samba, hip-hop music, axé music and tango.       
There are nine different types of classes for different levels of age and exertion. 
Zumba Gold® mainly targets the older population. It is specifically designed to the needs of the elderly and includes the same kind of music as the Zumba fitness party class. 
Zumba® Step, the newest Zumba® program, tones and strengthens glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and step aerobics. 
Zumba® Toning is for the people who do their workouts with toning sticks. Zumba Toning will target the abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body. Zumba Toning sculpts the body and provides participants with a cardio workout.  
Aqua Zumba® classes are held in a swimming pool. The instructor leads the class poolside while participants follow in shallow water. Moves have been specially adapted to combine the same dance movements used in a Zumba Fitness class with those used in aqua fitness classes creating a fun and effective total body workout.
Zumba® In The Circuit combines dance with circuit training. These classes usually last 30 minutes and feature strength exercises on various stations in timed intervals.
Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr. classes are designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12. They have the same dance and music styles as regular Zumba® classes, but have routines designed specifically for kids.
Zumba® Gold-Toning is a toning class for older participants with goals of improving one's muscle strength, posture, mobility, and coordination.  
Zumba Sentao® is a chair workout that focuses on using body weight to strengthen and tone the body. Zumba instructors have the option to become ZIN™ Members (Zumba Instructor Network members) to receive bimonthly training DVDs to assist with the creation of music and choreography for their personal Zumba classes.
Because Zumba offers different options, it is safe for all ages, meaning that anyone from age 0 to 100 can participate in this form of aerobic exercise. At least some of the classes are specifically aimed at elderly people, to help them build strength, improve motion and posture, and socialize. A Zumba workout burns calories and helps you to lose weight. Workouts can vary in intensity, and calorie burn from a Zumba session depends on an individual's weight, fitness level and muscle composition. The Zumba program claims to be an effective, easy to follow, calorie burning dance workout.
The whole body moves in a Zumba class, helping to burn fat and build lean muscle. Anyone can do Zumba - even if you are new to exercise. There is no specialist equipment to buy and most gyms and fitness studios now offer Zumba classes. DVDs are available for those who feel more comfortable exercising in their own homes, making a Zumba for weight loss easy in the privacy of your living room!
I've joined the Zumba class in 2015 January because I want to know what a Zumba is. I think all of the Zumba songs are really great and a lot of fun and make you feel healthy and sexy! I'll admit that I had no idea what the song was saying when I danced to it in class but anyways, the songs always get me pumped and excited about dancing Zumba whenever I hear it in class! In weekends, I like to swim at the same time.  Everyone must pursue any exercise to be fit & healthy. It's good for our health and you will be not only slim but also be young and stout. 

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