Saturday, January 21, 2012

Return to My Home Town, Mandalay, Myanmar

I took annual leave to go back to my home town, Mandalay, Myanmar on the first week of 2012. My parents had made schedule to treat well with local food for me.
On the first day, my mum made beef steak for gathering supper at home because all family members can meet each other only at night.
On the second day,  she cooked Biyani (so called Dan Pauk in Myanmar) by herself. It was very delicious.
And then she also took me her friend's son's wedding party to have Chinese food. For all variety of delicacies are inside my stomach, I suffered a terrible diarrhoea  at all night & had to go toilet several times.So, even I dare not try any Myanmar food which I haven't had yet, I took some antidiarrhoeal drug & tried it only a few. Now I regretted I hadn't tasted some traditional foods yet.

On the last day of stay in my home town, my sister tried to buy some foods & snacks as much as she could that I wished to eat.
By the way, I'd like to advertise my pharmacy named "Singapore" စကၤာပူေဆးဆိုင္ in Mandalay located on 29th Street between 82nd & 83rd Street. My sister is also a Pharmacist & she is very patient to explain every customer how to take drugs properly. Our pharmacy sells all popular brands of Western drugs ,various traditional Myanmar & a few traditional Chinese  medicines with reseasonable prices.

I vistied Diamond Plaza which is a renovative construction of  the burned-out Yadanarpon Market. I also paid a visit to Myanmar famous pagados - Mahar Myatmuni & Shwedagon pagoda on my way back to Myanmar.

I must say that Myanmar is famous for its natural resources, its historical interest & its traditional culture. There are also a lot of tourists' attraction places to visit. Moreover, foreigners often call Myanmar "The Golden Land" because there is at least one pagoda in every town here. I'll always miss my country wherever I am.


သမီးစံ said...

ေကာင္းမွေကာင္း း)
စင္ကာပူကိုသြားအုံးမွပဲ :P

Mishell said...

စင္ကာပူသြားခ်င္ရင္ မႏၱေလးက စင္ကာပူေဆးဆိုင္ကိုဝင္ခဲ့ပါ။